Palm Beach resorts, hotels offer lots of fun activities for children

MM Cloutier

From playgrounds to game arcades, years of efforts to expand the enjoyment of children have come to fruition at Palm Beach resort hotels, and the boom in family travel has increased interest in children’s amenities.

In the wake of the pandemic, parents across the country are using travel as a way to give their children extra time.

Most families planning trips in 2023 say their kids are the reason, according to an October survey by the Family Travel Association and the New York University School of Hospitality. Palm Beach hoteliers haven’t forgotten either.

Tricia Taylor, executive vice president and general manager of The Breakers, told the Daily News:

Here you can see part of the Breakers family entertainment center.

Offering it to guests of all ages, she said, inspires loyalty, including “little kids who grow up to remember The Breakers as a special place.”

Gone are the days when Palm Beach catered primarily to adult visitors, such as early 20th-century industrial captains and their wives. Mohamed Elbanna, the regional vice president and general manager of Four Seasons Palm Beach, told The Daily His News that family travel has been booming in recent years, with a “significant increase” last year. increase.

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