Peace talks possible if India desists from terror activities in Pakistan: FO – Pakistan


Peace talks possible if India stops terrorist activities in Pakistan: FO

Islamabad (Web Desk) – Foreign Ministry spokesman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said on Thursday that Islamabad will end repression in India-occupied Kashmir and support terrorist activities inside Pakistan to destabilize the country. He said he hopes to stop making it worse.

At a year-end briefing, she said Pakistan was interested in peace and dialogue and it was up to the Indian authorities to take a responsible position to improve relations.

A spokesperson said Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s recent visit was a sign of the international community’s interest in engaging with Pakistan and deepening its understanding on various issues. She also said Pakistan is interested in expanding and strengthening friendly relations around the world. “By enhancing exchanges, visits and exchanges, we can strengthen our friendship, cooperation and dialogue with the international community,” she said.

Baroque said Pakistan is grateful to various countries and multilateral financial institutions and organizations for providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by the floods.

Responding to questions about Afghanistan, she said Islamabad engages with Kabul authorities on all issues, including border conditions, security of diplomats and missions, and terrorist threats. She said the Afghan transitional authorities have promised to resolve all such issues immediately. She said Pakistan has a legitimate interest in Afghanistan’s peace and stability and will continue to engage with its neighbors.

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