Peggs gym aflutter with playoff activities | Sports

Peggs School was selected by Oklahoma Rural Elementary Schools (more commonly known as ORES) as the venue for the Division II East and Division IV North area playoffs.

Round 1 took place on January 27th and hometown teams Peggs boys and girls and Shady Grove boys were all winners.

Here are the results from the Saturday, January 28th game: Pegs Girls 21, Pretty Water 20. Peggs Boys, 31, Pretty Water, 19. Hairy Girl 36, Keystone 6. Keystone Boys, 36, Brassie, 14. Boy from Shady Grove, 31, Wycliffe, 26. Wycliffe girl, Peavine, 27 years old. And Bellboys 20, Peavine 19.

Peggs, Pretty Water, Brushy, and Keystone are all in Division ll East. The D-2 East finals will take place at Peggs on February 2nd, with the Peggs women playing Brushy at 7pm and the Peggs men playing her Keystone at 8pm. The winner of these two games advances to the state playoffs.

Round 2 of Division IV North will take place January 30 at Peggs with Moseley Girls vs. Shady Grove at 5pm, Moseley Boys vs. Bell at 6pm, Kenwood Girls vs. Wycliffe and Kenwood Boys vs. Shady Grove at 7pm. took place at 8 o’clock.afternoon

The two winners of the women’s games will face off on February 3 at 7:00 PM at Peggs, the winner will earn a state berth, and the two winners of the men’s games will face off on February 3 at 8:00 PM at Peggs. play against , the winner advances to the state.

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