Physical classes to fully return in February 2023, after-school activities open to unvaxxed students

Students can finally say goodbye to online classes and say hi to their classmates

According to Choi’s social media post published at night, the class resumption arrangement will apply to secondary schools on February 1 and to elementary schools and kindergartens on February 15.

By then, schools will be able to offer physical education classes without requiring students to reach a certain level of vaccination coverage.

Once Hong Kong abolishes the vaccine pass system, students will also be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities regardless of their vaccination status. Teachers, staff, and others entering school campuses also no longer need to present proof of vaccination.

On the other hand, middle school, elementary and kindergarten students should undergo a rapid antigen test every day before leaving home for school.

“We will continue to review and adjust our daily Covid rapid testing requirements for students and teachers,” Choi added.

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