Police Go Tough on Criminal Activities

Oyo State Police Commissioner Adebo Wale Williams said the command has effectively maximized its operational balance through several mechanisms to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

The police commissioner said this while marching criminal suspects through state police spokesman Adewale Osifeso.

Williams said mechanisms put in place to avoid crime include robust community policing strategies, smart interagency collaboration, visibility policing, mass patrol strategies, technology-driven policing strategies, and the rights of residents of Oyo State. said to include full adoption of respect for

Police bosses further said the crusade against crime and criminal activity remains unshakeable, especially with the visible recovery of firearms by intelligence-led stoppages and search patrols, and the arrest of suspected armed robbers. Stated.

The Police Commissioner is determined to clear the streets of criminal elements through strategic raids and effective deployment of critical infrastructure, especially INEC facilities, telecommunication base stations, banks, correctional facilities, campaign fields, schools and public spaces. , criminal elements and other related crimes.

He added that all suspects arrested for various crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and cults will be charged in court after proper investigation.

While speaking to journalists, suspects who confessed to crimes directed at them pleaded for leniency and promised to open new doors if they were forgiven.

Meanwhile, Oyo State Police Commissioner Adebowale Williams said comprehensive security measures were in place to protect life and property before, during and after the election, as the primary agency and coordinator of election security. reassured residents of his commitment.

Williams also thanked all the politicians, gladiators and Stewarts who adhered to the instructions for signing the peace accord to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the state.

He said there has been a significant reduction in billboard vandalism and poster defacement plaques so far.

Police Command also wanted to inform the public about the activation of the Interagency Consultative Committee on Election Security (ICCES) and its regular consultations with the Independent National Electoral Commission. security glitch.

He is used as orthodox fodder in the electoral process as this makes him sought after by parents, guardians and leaders who wield a variety of influences, with dire consequences and commensurate sanctions where appropriate. It is again advised to persuade the child, the ward, and the ward to do so. law.

“In case of an emergency, Command can be reached at any time through these emergency control room numbers: 615 (toll-free) (OYO STATE SECURITY TRUST FUND). Oyo State Police Command emergency numbers 07055495413 and 08081768614.

Rashid Makinde

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