Police urge caution during Grand Market activities

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Police are urging people to stay safe on the front lines of action on Saturday, December 24, as thousands of Jamaicans begin attending traditional festivals and revelry around Grand Market Night. increase.

The Jamaican Police Force (JCF) said in a release on Saturday that the public should expect increased police numbers tonight with increased deployments in major town centers and business districts. Said there was.

But even as they work to keep people safe, police say there are some things they can do to enhance safety when enjoying nighttime activities.

Here are some hints from JCF.

1. If you have small children, please be careful of crowds. Losing a child is just a momentary distraction. Before you go out, talk with your child about the importance of being together. Make an emergency plan and discuss where to meet and get help if separated. Teach your children how to recognize the police and call for help.

2. Management of valuables

Many would-be robbers blend in with the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to attack unsuspecting victims. Limit the use of electronic devices while you are out. Reduce or eliminate jewelry and be on the lookout for purchases. If possible, choose unbranded shopping bags and avoid carrying many large items at once.

3. Be careful when approaching vehicles

Be sure to have your car keys ready before you get in the car. The time you spend looking for your keys creates opportunities for cunning robbers to steal your belongings.

4. Plan your transportation carefully

This is especially true when using public transport. Be aware of bus and taxi schedules and be prepared to avoid getting stuck. Always share information about your vehicle with people you trust, such as license plate number, driver’s badge number, color, manufacturer, and vehicle identification marks.

5. Be careful with alcohol

With the number of road fatalities nearing 500, partygoers are being asked to follow responsible drinking rules. Don’t drink more than you can afford. If you drink alcohol, appoint a designated driver or hire a public car to get you home safely.

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