Probe seeks to review rules on water leisure activities

  • Jake Chung / Staff Writer, CNA

Control Yuan members Fan Sun-lu (笵巽綠) and Su Li-chiung (纵巽綠) will investigate Tuesday whether strict restrictions on water activities violate people’s rights to recreational activities. He said he was petitioning to do so.

The pair responded to complaints from the Taiwan Permit Activities Alliance and other organizations regarding open waters, requesting the Taipei City Government to hold a recursive boating event at Dahu Park (大湖公園) in Neihu District (內湖). There is

Taiwan has many lakes and rivers, and Controlyuan members added that cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam are increasingly inclined to promote water-related recreational activities to boost economic development. rice field.

Photo: Chen Ming-Shan, Taipei Times

Taiwan’s regulations appear to hinder the spread of water recreational activities, they said.

The Board of Management believes that the question of whether the current regulations are anachronistic or whether the Taipei City Government’s refusal to approve the event was a targeted one is a question that should be addressed. They said it was only natural to launch an investigation.

Jurisdictional authorities and local city governments have different regulations on open water activities, making it difficult for practitioners to comply with the law, Fan and Su said.

They said they would judge whether the Taipei city government’s decision adheres to the principle of proportionality and whether the standards are appropriate.

The definition of open water areas and locations meeting these criteria should be inventoried and considered for local regulations to encourage the public to participate in water activities, they said. Stated.

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