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(Shenandoah) — Work continues behind the scenes on the renovation of activities in the Shenandoah School District.

In October, Shenandoah High School Principal Andrew Christensen announced an effort to “reach, renew and reconnect” with the district’s extra-curricular programs, which include not only track and field, but music, FFA and other activities. Since that announcement, Christensen says preliminary discussions were held in November and December, with the goal of having a plan in place by this summer. Christensen updated the process in a recent edition of the KMA’s “Morning Line” program.

“The biggest thing that’s going on inside and within the building is that we’ve had a lot of discussions and meetings with management and staff and are building it together to make sure everyone’s voice is heard,” he said. . Christensen. “It’s not over yet. I want people to understand that this is not a quick fix or a two-week process.”

School officials emailed a release to KMA News Thursday morning outlining some of the decisions already made. Appointment of Shenandoah JK-8 Principal Aaron Bardolph as district youth sports director; Shenandoah Board of Education approving his $36,000+ for updated new equipment for high school weight room; high school gymnasium; It includes expanding the space of , and the high school’s assistant principal and director of activities, John Weinrich, hold monthly meetings with coaches.

“I want to make sure that our athletic director, John Weinrich, is doing a good job with the coaches,” he said. Coaches are being heard in terms of moving forward, what can we do to improve in those areas?The same goes for FFA, FCCLA, music, choirs, and bands. –etc.”

Additionally, monthly assemblies are set up at high schools to outline expectations for students and staff. Other efforts focus on building relationships both within and outside district facilities. Christensen said efforts are already underway to reach out to local businesses and organizations.

“I’ve had the opportunity to participate in different groups in different clubs and communities,” Christensen said. I’ve had a lot of calls with companies. How can you rely on us?

School officials add that more information will be released this spring on the pillars of the plan: community buy-in and support, parent/guardian connection and trust, and facilities. A copy of the district release is available here.

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