‘Proof of Stake and Activity’ Cryptocurrency Fasttoken Opens Public Sale

as part of a switch from ethereum Fasttoken (FTN), a revolutionary new blockchain with a unique consensus mechanism, will open to the public on January 18th.

FTN is the native token of the Fastex ecosystem, which includes crypto payment systems, exchanges, metaverse solutions and NFT marketplaces.

Fastex aims to become one of the leading tokens in the web3 gaming space by integrating the token with over 700 gaming partners. By the end of January, Fasttoken will be available for use in hundreds of games developed by over 100 game makers. Fastex claims its product will allow gamers to participate in a secure web3 ecosystem where they can easily ramp on and off with vetted partners.

All Fastex ecosystem products are migrating to the new Fastex chain, which uses a patent-pending consensus mechanism, Proof of Staked Activity (PoSA).

What is proof of stake and activity?

Blockchain that runs on Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms require users to stake cryptocurrencies in order to validate transactions and secure the network, and receive rewards for doing so.

In Fastex Chain’s PoSA system, it’s not just how much a user is willing to bet that matters, but also the user’s activity.action smart contract It will be taken into account when considering your chances of becoming a block producer or validator, and subsequent rewards will be distributed accordingly. Fastex says this will maximize opportunities for users to earn money through the chain.

“Fastex Chain enables developers, builders, and businesses to build and scale decentralized applications on this challenging platform, driving user activity growth and high value,” the company said at launch. I said it before.

The project was previously owned by gambling software provider BetConstruct, website builder Ucraft, and metaverse Platform PandaMR.

For general sale, FTN is priced at €0.35 ($0.37) per unit, capped at 60 million FTN.
has been issued.

One for SoftConstruct and affiliated company employees and one for partners and individual buyers.

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