Pune court convicts man for involvement in Naxalite activities, hands jail terms up to 8 yrs

A special court in Pune on Wednesday sentenced a 46-year-old man to a harsh prison sentence of up to eight years for a variety of reasons, including being a member of a terrorist group and being involved in Naxalite activities.

SR Navandar Judge, presiding over the Special Tribunal, has argued that Sections 20 and 38 of the Unlawful Practices (Prevention) Act 1967 (UAPA) (Punishment for Being a Member of a Terrorist Gang or Organization) and the relevant Indian Penal Code (IPC) and five to eight years imprisonment.

All judgments will be enforced simultaneously, the court said.

In 2014, Maharashtra’s ATS removed Berke and his wife Kanchan Nanawea, who were active members of the Maoist-affiliated Golden Corridor Commission, from the slums for their involvement in militancy and Naxalite activities. He was arrested on suspicion of trying to recruit young people.

However, Nanawea passed away in January 2021 at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune due to heart disease.

Special Prosecutor (SPP) Ujjwala Pawar said a total of 22 witnesses had been examined, including Naxalites, who had surrendered during the trial.

She said that when the court asked Berke about his conviction, he expressed his desire to live a normal life from now on. What he said brought sympathy to the judge’s mind.The court then issued a moderate opinion and passed an order giving moderate punishment,” Pawar said.

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