Juno Minerals Limited (Juno or company) Mount Mason DSO Hematite Project ( Mount Mason Project or project), a high-grade direct shipment ore (DSO) hematite, short-term project. The project is located 130 km by road northwest of the town of Menzies. Western Australia

Project approval

We have all the statutory approvals for both Mount Mason and Yundagar Rail Siding, paving the way for project development.

Logistics and supply chain

With the development of the project fully approved and DSO’s export capacity emerging at the port of Esperance on the iron ore circuit, Juno Southern Port Authority (Southern Ports) Regarding securing capacity. Juno now plans to develop the Yundaga railway siding from the start of the project by reducing the road transport distance from 287 km to 137 km, while increasing the rail transport distance from 125 km to 508 km. offset and significantly reduce operating costs. This justifies the recovery of the additional capital required for the Yunndaga Rail Siding development. Juno will work with the Infrastructure Group when appropriate to explore options for monetizing the Yundaga Railway siding assets by opening them up as multi-user facilities.Survey of complete geometric rails and features that meet the requirements of Ark Infrastructure Pty Ltd was conducted during the quarter on over 4km of track covering the Yunndaga Rail Siding site. An 85% design level is currently in place for both railroad crossings and sidings.

Mount Ida Magnetite Project

Mount Ida Magnetite Project ( Dateyama Project) is a large and significant project that offers an excellent opportunity to become a long-lived magnetite mine. We have also started the process of attracting key partners to earn at the project level. Mount Ida Project granted mining leasehas significant infrastructure support ownership and extensive water exploration licenses in areas with good quality water prospects. Mount Ida Project It is the largest source of magnetite and one of Yurgan’s most technologically advanced magnetite projects. Other magnetite projects in the Irgarn area are shown in Appendix 2 of this report.



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Forward-Looking Statements and Important Notices

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