Randall Emmett Denies That The FBI Is Investigating Him For “Suspected Activities With Child Exploitation And Pedophilia” Amid Drama With Ex-Wife Ambyr Childers

Randall Emmett character arcon Vanderpump rules Enough to get whiplash.he started as Lala Kent Turned into her bitter ex with a mysterious man with a private jet relationship. She’s safe to say that Lara has a traumatic relationship with her baby’s father. She set fire to the ground Randall was walking on, revealing a long list of his (suspected) bad behavior.

lara is not Randall’s She’s the only one with a reality TV platform, but she’s the only one with a bad taste in her mouth. Anvil Childers Lando’s former wife to Lara, with whom they share two children. Ambyr has gone public about her bad history with Rand, which was enough to get a temporary restraining order against him in December 2022. Ambyr claims the FBI contacted her to question her about Randall’s “suspected child exploitation and pedophilia activities,” and she became concerned for the safety of her daughters. rice field.. Just thinking about it is really dark and scary. According to Randall, it’s just another rumor.

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In a statement to people, Randall To tell Anvils The claim is nothing but nonsense. He claims the FBI never investigated him (to his knowledge). “As a father of three children, I am shocked and cannot believe Ambyr could have insinuated something so offensive and untrue,” Randall said. He claims it’s another play in their custody battle and that it’s “absolutely wrong.” I know It’s hard to tell who doesn’t want to get involved with Randall — lara or anvil. Both are clearly experienced with men, so they’re probably pretty evenly matched.

Tell us – do you believe Randall the allegations are false? What are your thoughts on Amber and Randall’s public interactions?

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