Recreational activities attract citizens to Race Course Park on weekends

Islamabad – On weekends, the well-designed racecourse park of Rawalpindi is visited by many citizens from the twin cities. The Race Course Park serves as a venue for outdoor physical activity, social interaction, and recreational activities for seniors and children.

The Race Course Park is a great family outing, with fun for all ages, including a 1.9km runner track, a 4km walking track and children’s swings and slides.

Speaking to APP on Sunday, the official Samabia said the park will have a range of activities, including two well-equipped gyms for men, a secret gym for women, an archery club, cricket, football and tennis grounds. “Citizens have shown strong interest in ziplining activities lately,” she added.

She states that the zipline has a steel cable on a protective sheet between two points with a height of 50 feet, and the activity is carried out using a ramp through the cable, from a relatively high point compared to the end. I explained that it would start.

It is said that it feels like flying in the sky while enjoying the scenery from the sky.

Visitor Muhammad Rafi told APP that the park is tranquil and beautiful, motivating those determined to stay fit through regular exercise. He said well-tended trees and flowers give visitors a sense of security.

He notes that play areas are available and paid and free rides make the park a favorite place for children. said the availability of makes this place feel like home.

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