Rethinking apps in watchOS 10 with Live Activities and Widgets

In almost a decade, the Apple Watch has become an established leader in wearables, but one unresolved gap is that watchOS apps have struggled to find purpose.

Apple has tried to replicate the explosive growth of the iPhone app ecosystem, but unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch isn’t meant to be interacted with for more than a few seconds. Apps that are self-explanatory or actionable with just one or two taps are more acceptable.

Recently, we’ve seen major app developers abandon their Watch apps. Apple seems to be rethinking this approach.

I think we are trying to give watchOS apps a new interpretation. Apple seems to be laying the groundwork with Widgets and Live Activities for iOS.

Widgets and live activities are self-explanatory and actionable with just a few taps. And it has been quickly and widely adopted by well-established app developers. It is also small and lightweight. It fits perfectly on your wrist.

They are described as objects that can be rearranged for different iPhone sizes on the lock screen and can also be used for dynamic island live activities. It’s not an easy task to imagine how to rearrange them to fit a square screen.

iOS 16 may see hints of upcoming watchOS 10. By the time we launch later this year, there will already be a healthy ecosystem of App Widgets and Live Activities that can be turned into watchOS apps with a toggle in Xcode. .

The Watch App Store lists all iOS apps with Live Activities and Widgets that can be summoned on the watchOS dock using the side button if they are currently running a Live Activity. if they are widgets.

What’s your favorite widget or live activity that makes an ideal Watch app?

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