Revoke ban & allow Pastor Dominic to carry out religious activities: Followers to Collector

Kim Calpong Desk
Panaji: Today, all the supporters and followers of Pastor Dominique D’Souza have filed a petition in front of North Goa collectors demanding that the ban on conducting religious activities in Siolim establishments be lifted.
“We have submitted a petition to the North Goa Collections to revoke the ban on religious activities that Dominic and João D’Souza have done on the Siolim compound,” said a believer.
Collectors in North Goa have banned pastors and their wives from conducting “religious activities” in churches in Siolim after complaints about proselytizing on the premises.
An order issued by the North Goa District Magistrate directed pastor Dominic D’Souza and his wife João not to undertake further conversions in the North Goa District.
“Ban was ordered by Joan Mascarenhas D’Souza and Dominic D’Souza to conduct religious activities in their institutional buildings at Sodium, Siolim and Bardez Goa. Liberty and Conscience of the Civilian,” by order of the local magistrate.
A pastor and his wife had been arrested for being forced to convert to Christianity by state police following a complaint.