Robust investment, trade activities fuel growth amid ‘new four modernizations’

2022 saw strong investment and trade activity in Jiading District. Nearly 59,000 businesses were added across the suburbs during the period, up 7.7% year-on-year, surpassing the target by 5.6 percentage points. Meanwhile, contracts were signed for 228 projects last year, with a total investment of about 100 billion yuan (US$14.7 billion).

On December 30, contracts for 58 projects with a total investment of over 17 billion yuan were collectively signed in Jiading. Of these, 88% are the “300 billion class” industries that the district is ambitiously building, namely the “new 4 modernizations” of automobiles, smart sensors, and IoT (electrification, Internet of Things, intellectualization and sharing). corresponded to , high performance medical devices and precision medicine.

“New four modernization” automobile projects accounted for 43%, while foreign investment projects accounted for 12%.

Over the past year, Jiading has accelerated the development of the digital economy and digital transformation while investigating the metaverse industry.

Lee Ping

District officials and industry representatives celebrate the signing of the latest agreements on 58 projects in Jiading.

Lantian Economic City, an economic development zone in Nanxiang, recently signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Huashi TV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jetsen Technology Co.

Under the agreement, the two parties will form a deep partnership in multiple areas such as Metaverse applications, NFT (non-fungible token) collections, and research and development of blockchain technology.

Pei Jiawen, general manager of Lantian Economic City, said: “Meanwhile, Metaverse-related associations are also registering and developing his five-year plan for the development of the industry.”

Since the Metaverse and the gaming industry are closely related, Lantian Economic City is well positioned to consider the Metaverse as one of its future growth engines.

Currently, Lantian Economic City has attracted nearly 1,400 gaming companies, including industry-leading players such as YOOZOO, Lilith, miHoYo and HyperGryph. In 2021, the total industry output value contributed by Lantian Economic City’s game enterprises will reach 35 billion yuan, which is more than 10% of the national total output value.

In recent years, Nanxiang town has focused on cultivating many emerging industries, such as online new economy, animation and games, intelligent manufacturing, and precision medicine.

At present, the town has more than 59,000 registered enterprises, of which more than 400 hi-tech enterprises account for almost a quarter of all hi-tech enterprises in Jiading.

“Our goal this year is to establish more than 10 investment promotion agencies, each with annual tax revenue of more than 10 million yuan,” said Li Feng, deputy director of Jiading. “And when it comes to industrial projects, we hope to attract more than 100 venture companies.”

Looking to the future, the district will provide better services to enterprises, improve administrative efficiency, optimize policies, and implement various measures to attract investment and become a high ground for business cooperation and a place for the general public. do.

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