Saakashvili ‘Obstructing’ Activities of Doctors, Court – Civil Georgia

Justice Minister Rati Bregadze said: Rustavi 2 Yesterday, imprisoned former President Mikheil Saakashvili, whose declining health has caused concern, claimed to be obstructing the work of doctors and “especially the work of the courts.”

To that end, the Minister of Justice claimed that Saakashvili was involved in “certain simulations” and that there was “corresponding evidence”.

Minister Bregazé emphasized: [for Saakashvili] We are compelled to release certain footage based on this legitimate purpose when we carry out acts that have no legal basis and are thereby prohibited by the Constitution. “

Saakashvili is being treated at a Ministry of Justice-appointed Vivamedi clinic. After May 12, 2022Since then, his health has steadily deteriorated, ultimately leading his lawyers to appeal to the court to suspend his sentence in early December 2022.

Importantly, several reports of the former president’s health by Georgian and international experts and doctors have confirmed that Saakashvili suffers from more than a dozen diagnoses/symptoms.

More recently, an expert group created by Public Defenders to monitor the health of Saakashvili announce the conclusion Saakashvili’s neurological status indicates anemia, anorexia, and worsening gastrointestinal development. They also noted acute and rapid weight loss, loss of muscle mass, and cachexia associated with advanced stages of the disease. and associated therapy, and despite such efforts, his condition continues to deteriorate rapidly.

Notably, at the time, Minister Bregadze claimed that Saakashvili’s teammates were trying to “manipulate” his health and “politicize” the issue. The minister also said that Saakashvili had been “self-harming” and “does not follow the course of treatment directly chosen by the doctor”.

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