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Salinas, CA (KION)- The Salinas Police Activities League is giving Santa an extra helping hand this Christmas by giving toys to local children in need.

It’s that time of year again, the Police Action League’s annual toy drive. Over 12,000 toys were shipped from Los Angeles to the Central Coast to help children in need. Its purpose? Let us help make your child’s Christmas memorable.

PAL Executive Director Jeff Lamb wants to make this Christmas a great one.

“We don’t ask people about their income or anything like that. This may be one of the only gifts they get, so it’s paid back through the smiles and excitement of the children,” Lam said. I got

This year, the clock is ticking to reach the toy back in Salinas from the south. Members of Salinas Fire set out on a journey there. Sean Valenzuela helped bring toys back to Salinas from Los Angeles.

“One of the reasons I’m involved with it is because there’s a lot of work to put into it. I can see the real benefits it’s playing in our community.”

We were able to purchase a variety of toys thanks to funding from local organizations. Everything from gift cards to baby toys to packaged goods are delivered to local charities and given to children.

“This year, after years of great work, the Hardin Foundation received significant funding from the California American Water Service,” said Lamb.

Salinas Foster Services is just one of many organizations that receive toys. This year we have our own way of distributing toys.

Shaniz Beza works with Peacock Acres, a Salinas foster care service. She says she’s planning a special event to hand out toys this year.

“We wrap it up on Christmas Day, distribute it on Christmas day, and let the kids open it on Christmas Day,” Beza said.

And aside from keeping the community safe during the holidays, Salinas Fire continues to donate.

“We have 18 different organizations this year, and over the years, we’ve built relationships in everything from after-school programs for kids to nursing homes,” Valenzula said.

Steve Furtado is now a member of PAL’s Board of Directors and is involved throughout the process. He wants to continue the tradition each year.

“The help of Salinas Firefighters and Salinas Pal and their very generous sponsor, the individual Hardin Foundation, is our biggest and they have been doing it for over 20 years now,” Furtado said. increase.

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