Sir J condemns rise in criminal activities

During the special government situation group meeting on Friday the 20thth In January, he called on state police to use the necessary force to catch criminals and contain the law and order situation.

“Don’t leave the stones upside down. Arrest them all and make them pay for the pain and loss they have caused. If that means severe punishment, so be it. These animal criminals.” Criminals are not welcome in New Ireland,” said Lord Julius.

He said his government takes the safety of its citizens, visitors and business houses seriously and no one needs to go through such a huge ordeal.

“The people of New Ireland are a peaceful and welcoming people. We don’t want to put the blame on people from other states, but in the event of a threat, we need to protect New Ireland from outside elements. We must act as much as possible, we already have wandering acts in the provinces, and we will not hesitate to activate them,” said Lord Julius.

The Governor has called on all New Irish people and the public to work together to maintain law and order in the state. “Do not harbor these criminals and if you see any known suspects please call the police immediately.”

“The future of every New Irishman depends on the actions we take today. Evil triumphs when the good do nothing.”

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