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Stupid in 3 languages? PV Outdoor Summit ’23, NFL Playoffs, Local Events – My Drive Jan 18, 2023

Hosts Elysia Morigaux and Guy Loginson cover this week’s top local news, events and updates from inside and outside the Prescott area. This week we cover the PV Outdoor Summit, Prescott Bridal Affair, Girl Scout Cookie Season, Hiking in the Snow, and more.

Look, look, look! 2023 Arizona Renaissance Festival!

Take a unique trip back in time to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Queen Elizabeth would never have dreamed of a celebration like this at the foot of the Superstition Mountains.

psychology of weight loss

Gregory Struve and Elicia Morigeau discuss weight loss in this week’s Power of the Mind, published by Granite Mountain Behavioral Healthcare. Diet pills, the psychology behind weight loss, and more.

Winter Wandering: Top 5 Winter Hiking

It may be the dead of winter, but warm days, incredibly blue skies, and the sounds of nature around you have something that makes you want to do a little winter hike in Arizona. Introducing winter hiking. Shake off cabin fever and go when you need to tackle the open trails.

Michael Jordan

Join Ben and Mike as they wrap up Season 1 of the call-waiting season! There’s only one way to wrap up an epic first season. You call GOAT. That’s right, Michael Jeffrey Jordan – aka MJ, aka Air Jordan, aka his Airness – is waiting for you to call everyone in 90’s style and toss it down! It’s game time!

Prescott Valley Drainage Plan Update

WEST consultants, hired by the town in October to update the Prescott Valley master drainage plan, began low-level soil sampling to obtain the information needed to complete the existing condition model. .

Top Ranked Central Arizona Teams Keep Rolling

In this episode of “Talkin’ Central Arizona Sports” with Torrence “TD” Dunham, TD looks back at a Central Arizona Sports game as the region’s top-ranked teams continue to win.

Prescott Valley notifies owners to license dogs

One of the missions of the Prescott Valley Police Animal Control Unit is to educate dog owners about leasing, licensing, and rabies vaccination for their dogs in compliance with Chapter 6 of the Prescott Valley Town Ordinance.

happy houseplants

In this segment, Lisa and Ken from Prescott’s Watters Garden Center talk about happy houseplants. Learn about zebra plants, snapdragon plants, mini monstera and other fun houseplants.

October Sports Betting Numbers Released by AZ Gaming Division

According to a new report from the Arizona Department of Gaming, Arizonans have wagered over $8 million in sports betting in October 2022. This represents a 27.3% increase compared to October 2021.

Free Garden Classes Taught at Watters Garden Center Spring 2023?

Watters Garden Center at 1815 Iron Springs Road in Prescott offers free garden classes every Saturday at 9:30 am in the fresh air.

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