Snowcat Ridge attendees delight in winter activities

Dade City, FL — Children and adults alike hear yells of delight as they descend the snowy slopes of Dade City’s Snowcat Ridge.

Florida’s only outdoor alpine snow park contrasts with everything the state is best known for. Winston McDaniel, the park’s marketing manager, described it as “a crazy idea in the middle of Florida.”

“So what we’re bringing here is kind of the ultimate form of escapism,” McDaniel said. “I mean, when you grew up in Florida, especially as a kid like you, you knew you because you never really experienced snow sports or winter sports and that kind of alpine feeling. increase.

Snowcat Ridge’s Crystal Ribbon feature, which includes 16,000 square feet of ice skating ribbons, returned this year, according to the park’s website. Attendees can also rent a private his igloo at the park’s Eskimo Outpost, go snow his tubing on his slopes, and even enjoy a meal.

“Usually you have to go to another state or another country to experience it,” McDaniel said. “But we’ve built that experience in a very small space here in Florida, so you could probably just drive a few hours instead of flying somewhere else entirely.”

Snowcat Ridge attendee Danny Lorentz said: It is possible to get a sunburn while being frostbitten. ”

The park is open until February 26th. Click here to see more of this year’s Snowcat Ridge features.

Ticket prices range from $26.95 to $42.95, depending on the day people go.

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