Social impact, health, and wellbeing activities popular amongst Nord Anglia students, edtech analysis shows

London, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nord Anglia Education, a leading international school organization, today released its latest edtech analysis. December 2022 Social impact, health and well-being activities account for more than half of all online course views by students.


Global Campus is Nord Anglia’s online learning platform that allows students to join courses and experience learning with peers around the world. The opportunities available to them range from wellbeing activities to Whenmore.

in 5 months 316,000 learning sessions, as students chose from 218 extracurricular activities. The most popular course themes are:

  • 30.92% of selected students social impact Courses address topics such as activism and inequality, among others.

  • 20.25% students have taken the course health and well-being Related.

  • 20.04% Participated Global projects and activities.

  • 19.06% students chose STEM-related course.

  • 9.73% You have chosen a creativity-related course or other activity.

The top 3 most popular courses on Global Campus are:

  1. MIT Challenge – “Cellfie” Life: Led by Professor of Biology Dr. Yamashita Whenstudents explored how the body began as a single cell with a single set of instructions and ended up with trillions of cells, including hundreds of different specialized cell types.

  2. World Children’s Day Introduction: World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s annual day of action for children. Every year on November 20th, this day is celebrated in support of children’s rights and encourages children and young people to speak out on issues of concern.

  3. Writing Competition: Students were asked to write bilingual short stories to help others learn a new language. Celina Patelauthor of “Anisha, the Accidental Detective”.

Simon KierAssistant Director of Online Learning at Nord Anglia Education, “Global Campus is the cornerstone of Nord Anglia’s digital learning strategy, helping us connect our global student community through high-quality learning experiences. to inspire teamwork, teamwork, and collaboration.”

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