Sodiem-Marna link road used for nefarious activities

January 9, 2023 | | 6:34 AM

Road connecting Sodiem and Malna used for malicious activities

Citizen Vina D’Souza Sodiem Siolim

The area around the access road between Sodiem and Marna villages in Bancarwado has been used for vicious activities by anti-social forces. Many young people and some students in uniform were also seen smelling drugs and drinking alcohol.

This road is the only link between the two villages of Sodiem and Malna, and the villagers have used the road for all their travel to and from. Students also use roads to commute to schools, high schools, and colleges.

However, the increase in vicious activity on the streets has made life difficult for commuters and has left an indelible mark on the minds of young children.

Roads make nighttime travel dangerous with chaotic scenes of drunken men and commuters being attacked as they cross the road. Regular spree are organized by anti-social forces, and the roads are littered with syringes and broken beer bottles.

The Panchayat and the police have not heeded this threat, even though the issue has been raised several times in parliament. Authorities need to take this issue seriously and clean up illegal activities on the streets. If nuisance is not nipped in the bud, nasty incidents can occur in these villages. The time has come for both Anjuna and Mapusa police to patrol the area and keep the anti-social elements at bay.

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