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Last year I made at least 76 trips to Europe.

In theory, this is true. Actually, I was in Yakima the whole time. But I glorified the idea of ​​cooking to make it look like a barista or waiter in a fancy cafe.

What is romanticization? Romanticizing in this case is the basic idea that there is a way to find a better perspective on things that at first seem unenjoyable. It’s a way to make your daily routine more exciting.

I love procrastinating on homework and studying. But when you light the candles and put on some music, it’s no longer a boring requirement to pass a class. Simple things like this have helped me do my tasks better and easier, and now I look forward to doing chores and homework.

Adopting this approach doesn’t have to be extravagant or super crazy, it’s as easy as blowing out a candle. Or you can pick up a really good book about something you’re passionate about or interested in and read it when you have a few minutes to spare during the day.

take a walk. Neighborhoods at this time of year can be beautiful when covered with snow.

I’ll go take a picture. Dress up just to go nowhere. Have your favorite drink on your way to school or work. Get a little boost of energy or boost your mood for the day ahead. Especially if you have tests or big presentations, you may want something smaller.

Buy yourself a bouquet. Get a birthday cake, even if it’s not your birthday. Because it’s so much fun to blow out the candles and make a wish.

Romanticizing your life gives you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, in a new light.

The lawn, which I didn’t want to mow, became my favorite spot. Because I put on my cool headphones and jam while I work.

That essay you didn’t want to write? Sitting in a coffee shop with my notebook makes me feel like a journalist at a high-end newspaper, and I want to write 100 articles.

We firmly believe that there is something for everyone. To maximize the fun, you need to know how to spark their interest.

Ellie Sam is a freshman at Eisenhower High School.

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