Sports ministry instructs WFI to halt all ongoing activities, suspends WFI assistant secretary Vinod Tomar

The sports ministry on Saturday instructed the Indian Wrestling Federation (WFI) to immediately halt all ongoing activities “unless a supervisory board is duly appointed to take over the day-to-day functions of the WFI.”

The ministry also issued an immediate suspension order for WFI assistant secretary Vinod Tomar, the press release said.

“The Ministry of Sports told the Indian Wrestling Federation on Saturday that, in light of the government’s decision to appoint an oversight committee to investigate various allegations filed against the federation by athletes, the WFI has announced that all ongoing A supervisory board has been formally appointed to take over the WFI’s day-to-day functions,” the release said.

“In view of the directive to suspend all activities immediately, the Ministry of Sports has requested the WFI to also cancel the ongoing ranking tournament in Gonda, UP. I have instructed them to refund the entrance fee that was charged,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the WFI denied all allegations, including allegations of sexual harassment against chairman Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, saying the wrestler’s protest was a “hidden plan to get rid of the current management.” claimed to have been motivated by

WFI denied all accusations in response to the government’s notice, arguing that the Commonwealth “has no room for arbitrariness and mismanagement.”

The Ministry of Sports asked the WFI for an explanation after the country’s top wrestler sat Dana alleging that the federation’s chief sexually harassed a female wrestler and acted like a “dictator”.

WFI sent a reply Friday night, and hours later, Ressler called off the protest after the government announced it would set up an oversight committee to investigate the accusations. He also said the WFI director would resign until the investigation was completed.

In a response to the Ministry of Sports, the WFI said, “There is no room for arbitrariness and improper administration of the WFI by any individual, including the President, as the WFI is governed by an elected body in accordance with its constitution.”

The accusations were “motivated, biased, baseless, untrue and false” and the allegations were made with the sole purpose of harming the President, the WFI and their coaches.
“Victims/wrestlers may contact the relevant committee in the event of a complaint, and the committee is obliged to investigate according to law. However, no complaints of that nature have been received from protesters/wrestlers ’” WFI wrote.

The WFI listed 23 national events to be held in 2022, claiming they “talk about fair, supportive, clean and rigorous management.”

The WFI questioned the timing of the protests, saying vested interests were behind them.

“…apparently for personal gain, or under undue pressure, or under a greater conspiracy to defame and defame the WFI or the President’s current management solely for vested interests acted.

“Protesting wrestlers have a responsibility to account not only to the public but also to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, especially if they are seen gathering from certain regions/states of Haryana,” the federation wrote. I’m here.

“It would be worth noting that even the WFI’s next election is scheduled in the near future of 2023…the protests are not in the wrestler’s best interest, but rather a personal and personal effort to get rid of the current management. There is a hidden agenda…of the WFI.” The letter, signed by WFI Executive Director VN Prasood, also said the federation is willing to cooperate with the government and will provide all necessary information requested by the ministry.

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