Steepworld offers indoor activities during unpredictable weather

Billings – Unpredictable weather has made it difficult for Montanans to enjoy typical winter activities like skiing and sledding, but Steepworld Climbing and Fitness in Billings is a climate-friendly, family-friendly retreat. We offer activities.

As soon as you walk through Steepworld’s main entrance, you’re immediately met with chaos. Luckily, chaos is exactly what Angie Vandeka was looking for.

“Honestly, I have six children under the age of 12 who need to move out of the house, so they came out today,” Vandecar told Steepworld Thursday afternoon. “They have a lot of energy.” increase.”

Vandecar and her two sons are from Denver but are visiting family in Billings. Between her sons and their cousins, it’s safe to say she needs to blow off a little steam.

“We had to make sure the kids were able to go outside and have fun and climb,” Vandeker said.

And Vandecars is a perfect example of who Steepworld demands, providing fun and active opportunities for people of all skills and abilities.

Steepworld owner Jim Rott says the holiday season is always busy, especially in places where the weather can change quickly and be unpredictable.

“Climbing on Steepworld is great, whatever the weather,” says Rott. No experience required, no reservations required. ”

And Rott said the packed warehouse is where all the value comes from.

“We try to give our community a lot, and just seeing families having a good time and getting some good exercise is always rewarding for us.”

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