Sterling Pruitt Activity Center in Beaumont getting major upgrade

The Beaumont City Council has approved the construction of a new basketball court at the center.

BEAUMONT, Texas β€” The answer to the problems some Beaumont residents have brought to the city council comes in the form of shiny new gym floors.

Some residents feel that the current basketball court floor at the Sterling Pruitt Activity Center poses a safety hazard. Members of the Beaumont City Council are responding to concerns.

The Beaumont City Council has approved the construction of a new basketball court at the center.

For Alderman AJ Turner, the issue is personal. He was a youth basketball coach before his inauguration and has sought a new floor since his inauguration.

β€œAt my second council meeting, I brought it up,” Councilor Turner said. “And I argued literally all year long, even at budget time. The staff listened to me, enough councils supported the proposal, and everyone voted his 7-0. I voted yes.”

The Old Courthouse at the Sterling Pruitt Activity Center is currently undergoing a major renovation.

“A lot of the kids felt like the community and the city council didn’t care because they hadn’t been replaced in a long time,” said councilman Turner.

The floor will cost the city $75,000. Funding comes from the city’s $1.4 million parks and recreation budget. This design features the official colors of the City of Beaumont.

Councilman Turner feels the upgrade means just as much to him as it does to his family in the community, since he’s a former youth coach.

“I got to the point where the kids were literally sliding across the floor trying to play ball, so I told them that if I ran away, I would do my best to make this happen,” Alderman Turner said. Told.

Darrell Hayes has a family that lives in the area where the center is located. He hopes future upgrades will keep players safe.

“My cousin Lorenzo was complaining that the floor was raised and not smooth and the soles were messed up,” Hayes said.

Hayes believes the new changes will be fun for the neighborhood kids.

“I think they appreciate it more and know that the city is trying to do something for them. If there were more things like recreation centers, that would benefit young people.” ”

Alderman Turner expects the new floors to be in place by the end of 2023.

“I take pride in my relationships because ultimately it takes a majority vote to get things done,” Alderman Turner said.

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