Steve Barclay urges public to use ‘common sense’ while choosing activities during ambulance driver strike

Steve Barclay spoke about the ambulance strike on Wednesday (December 21st) and urged the public to use “common sense” throughout the day.

Some 25,000 members of the GMB, Unite and Unison unions have joined the latest blow to Britain’s expanded health services as ambulance drivers went on strike this week.

With additional strain on emergency services during the strike, the Secretary of Health and Human Services has urged people to choose their activities wisely.

When asked by Sky News presenter Kamari Melbourne her advice to the public, Barkley said: Systems today will be under tremendous pressure. Unions have refused to grant nationwide waivers for all life-threatening emergency calls.

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“They say they will prioritize them, but that depends on local agreements with trusts and actually some decisions with call centers.”

He added: So we are telling the public to use their common sense in what they do. “

Barclay has previously accused unions of making a “conscious decision” to “harm” patients when thousands of emergency workers walked out in the first of two one-day strikes. .write in daily telegraphBarclay said:

“The ambulance union made a conscious choice to harm the patient.”

This is because Will Quince, the Secretary of State for Health and Human Services, was busy with a media round Tuesday morning (December 20) urging the public to avoid unnecessary car trips and other “dangerous activities.” After I warned you. strike.

Quince also said people should avoid contact sports because of the confusion, and said he would not run on icy roads because of the increased risk of injury from falls.

“If there’s an activity that people do tomorrow, whether it’s contact sports for example or not, they might want to review it,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live. If so, would you like to go for a run tomorrow? No, I won’t because it involves additional risks.”

Quince urged the public to avoid anything risky on Wednesday, telling BBC Breakfast:

However, no No 10 is given as to what constitutes “dangerous activity”. “I’m not going to be on the list,” a Rishi Sunak spokesperson told reporters.

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