Students enjoy extra curriculum activities at DPS Winter Camp

About 100 students participated in creative recreational activities during the winter camp held from December 22nd to 28th at the DPS STS Senior Section Campus in Uttara.

Grades 1-12 students from DPS and several other schools also participated in sports activities such as cricket, soccer, table tennis, basketball, chess, badminton and volleyball at the camp during the winter break.

Students also practiced painting and drawing, keyboards and science experiments during the 6 days of refreshment that completely immersed the children’s minds.

Dr. Sivananda says, “It’s easy for children to forget how important it is for them to take a break from their regular lives once in a while to experience something different and accumulate new learning from it. All of this helps build confidence in children. can give you,” he said. Principal of CS, DPS STS School.

He said the school has received great feedback from students and parents about winter camps last year. “That’s what inspired me to come up with an even more exciting plan for this year – to help children use the last week of the year to grow their physical, mental and social skills through winter camps.” I am happy to do it,” he added.

Attendees took a breather from the tightly packed academic calendar and expressed their joy at Winter Camp, which took a break for Christmas.

DPS STS School Dhaka will arrange a preschool winter camp for both DPS and non-DPS students aged 3 to 8 from 8th to 12th January 2023.

Activities range from dancing, cooking activities, lantern festivals, music and arts and crafts to mountain trekking, puppet shows and games.

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