Students, Families Enjoy Hands-On Activities at Chanuka Party

Students, parents, educators and friends of Ohorey Joseph Itschok in Crown Heights gathered for the Hanukkah celebration, which included menorah lighting, rallying, raffles, and a variety of hands-on Hanukkah activities.

OYYL’s family and friends gathered in large numbers to light the fifth Hanukkah candle and celebrate Hanukkah with their children. For several years now, Crown His Heights Oho Reyose Huit Chokurbach has gathered the entire school community of students, parents, educators, and friends to host the Hanukkah festival with the public lighting of the menorah. I’m here.

The program included a children’s rally with a raffle and a fun Chanukah activity booth. Each child decorates a donut and an edible menorah, paints a wooden dreidel, makes a leather pouch for his jerut for Hanukkah, makes his own beeswax shamosim, and his own dreidel design. I had the chance to create his art on strings and make his beeswax lip creams.The menorah was lit by the rabbi Meia Wonderful, OYYL parent. The event included a milk buffet served by a mozzarella restaurant.

The evening of festivities concluded with a raffle for three Chanukah prizes. The first prize was a special Rebecoin given to Hanukkah Nun Aleph. This coin was donated to the raffle by Sharon Albukern. Tickets for the raffle were sold as part of a crowdfunding campaign he conducted by OYYL at the start of Kislev. All participants who bought three $180 bricks entered the raffle. The lucky winner with the Rebbe coin was Mazoltuv Borukhova. Her two prizes for the latter – her dinner for two on mozzarella and her yearly tuition for one of her children – were drawn for parents who met the fundraising goal. , the winners were her Babinett and Gewirtz, Families!

“The fifth candle has a special light,” says the rabbi M. Schneiderman, OYYL Director of Education. “The fifth candle never falls on Shabboth, and the light that is lowered on this day can lift even the deepest darkness! We are so happy to be able to gather the community of yeshivas here at Shunas Hakel to unite and celebrate the miracle.”

“It was a really beautifully arranged Hanukkah party. L. Goldstein, OYYL Preschool Director. “A fun rally with delicious food, fun, engaging and meaningful hands-on workshops for children, and prizes! The spirit of Hanukkah miracles completely filled everyone and everything! This powerful light revealed in the special 5th night will undoubtedly become a powerful Chizuku for all participants! Yashar Koyachi to all the organizers!”

“This Hanukkah celebration has been an experience. From the booth to the food, we made sure to create a fun and comfortable environment where every detail was purposeful and a truly wonderful experience for everyone involved.” Sophia Serur OYYL secretary general.

“We are very grateful to Hashem for giving us a Rebbe that inspires us to invest in our children’s Chanwook. We feel very lucky and look forward to further developing this project in both quantity and quality.” Mira SchneidermanOYYL Secretary General.

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