Swat youth lauded for social welfare activities – Newspaper

SWAT: Speakers at a ceremony here on Sunday praised the educated youth of Swat for their active participation in volunteer services and outreach to help the poor.

They were speaking at the 2nd anniversary of the Kohistan Blood Donor Association in Mingora. Blood donors, local elders and young people from different parts of the district participated in the event.

Swat Royal Family member Miangull Sheryar Amirzeb was present as guest of honor on the occasion, Fayaz Zafar, Khan Saeed, Wilayat Anakarwal, Sherinzada, Niaz Ahmad Khan, Malak Ibral Tolwari, Adnan Eagle and Hamid・Kalami, Zubayr and others also attended the ceremony.

They praised young people from rural areas who participated in social welfare activities, especially blood donations.

Wilayat Ankarwaal, founder of the Kohistan Blood Donation Society, said he has arranged blood donations for hundreds of patients over the past two years.

Local elders said Swat youths also actively participated in relief efforts during floods and other disasters.

“Swart-educated young people are actively participating in all social welfare activities. The main cause is cousin marriage, we need to raise awareness to have blood tests done before marriage to control this disease,” Adnan Eagle said.

Posted in Dawn on January 23, 2023

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