Swiss Funding to Boost Education and Livelihoods activities for Refugees and Host Communities in Pakistan – Pakistan

Islamabad, 16 December 2022 – UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, welcomed a $5.6 million donation from the Swiss government on Friday. This donation is aimed directly at addressing the educational and livelihood needs of Pakistani refugees and host communities over a period of four years.

In a unique initiative, Swiss Development Cooperation and Swiss Humanitarian Aid collaborated with the Swiss Migration Office to pilot a multi-year financing, combining development and humanitarian sources. UNHCR Pakistan is the first recipient. of such mixed funds.

Swiss donations focus on refugees and Pakistani children and youth to ensure their right to quality education, participation and protection, and to enhance their life and work potential. This includes improving school infrastructure, removing economic barriers to school enrollment, and supporting children at risk of dropping out of school, including girls and children with special needs who need access to quality education. included.

Through this partnership, which will be implemented in Balochistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad, UNHCR will build capacity and create opportunities for Afghan refugees and host communities to achieve self-reliance through vocational and skills training and assistance. I also aim to Start a business and serve men and women for life.

“The signing of a funding agreement between UNHCR and the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency in Switzerland reflects the unprecedented need for refugees and host communities in Pakistan, which calls for innovative, comprehensive and coordinated international action. “This four-year initiative will provide effective, efficient, and predictable support for programs with the power to transform lives.”

Livelihoods and education programs are part of an international effort under the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees to increase their contribution to communities that have generously shared resources with refugees for decades. Supporting members of the host community.

“It is imperative that Pakistani communities, which have hosted refugees for 40 years, continue to see international contributions to local services and those who have generously hosted refugees.


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Qaiser Khan Afridi, UNHCR Spokesperson, +92-300-5018696

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