Systems of Equations Hands-On Activity: 15 Strategies to Make Algebra Fun and Easy

We know how difficult it can be to prepare lessons for kids who are bad at math. Yes, some people can easily understand what we are teaching, but you may have to “bribe” many people to have a meaningful learning experience.

That said, you shouldn’t give up teaching algebra just because it’s difficult. Students in grade 11 must learn how to solve equations to pass the course and for practical application.

We want to make things easier (and better) for teachers and kids, so we’ve created a list of website and activity ideas to help teach systems of equations. Some of these are online tasks, others are printable. The rest will give you inspiration to create your own activities and teach math in a fun way.

1. Treasure hunt

Find Treasure: The Find Treasure System of Equations allows you to graph three systems of equations on a coordinate plane with treasure chests at specific points labeled with letters. A correct solution reveals the correct letter.

More information: Education

2. Graph coordinates game

Graph Coordinate Game: Create a grid with lines numbered 1 to 9 along the left and bottom. Players roll a pair of dice. The first and second numbers represent the x and y coordinates. Players place a token on the intersection of two numbers.

Additional Information: Math Grid Game

3. Equation Solving Contest

Divide students into groups of three. One graphs and solves the equation, the second uses elimination, and the last uses substitution. The first group to get the correct answer wins.

Details: Technique Race

4. Displacement maze

In a permutation maze, you have to “walk” from one equation to another by choosing the correct set of points. You can also create your own maze using templates by providing different sets of equations and answers.

More information: Math Maze Template

5. Algebra Class Real-World Problems

Describing math equations as real events helps students better understand algebraic concepts. I found a website with a concise list of ways to solve real-world problems. Teach these steps to help your students engage in meaningful learning.

More information: Algebra class

6. Drag and drop activity

Did an online math activity inspire you to do some math yourself? Try creating a drag-and-drop activity about systems of equations in Google Slides. This blog offers free teacher guidance for those who want to teach their students in a creative way.

More information: Cheeky Math Teacher

7. Equation board game

Students may appreciate classroom activities with toys that help them learn how to solve systems of equations. These active lessons taught through games keep them engaged. Turn your favorite ideas into tangible things your students can play with. These active lessons taught through games keep them engaged. If students find mathematics too abstract and difficult, try turning math concepts into concrete ones so they can play with them.

More information: HomeSchoolie HQ

8. Simultaneous Equations Bingo

Want to turn your class into a bingo game and train your agile students to answer quickly? Create bingo cards with randomized correct answers choices. List the equations and have the students solve them. The first to get the most correct value on the card wins.

Learn more: EAI Education

9. Equation system coloring activity

A class artist may appreciate a class-time coloring session during math class. One of her ideas is to place the answers (right and wrong) in different parts of a jumbled drawing. Have students color the areas with the correct answers until an image emerges.

More information: Funrithmetic

10. Equation classroom decoration

Have students create streamers or banners about linear equations and related topics. Writing them down repeatedly may help you remember what you learned for additional assignments. Hang these works of art in a visible place to enhance the learning effect. Hang these works of art in a visible place to enhance the learning effect.

More information: Scaffolded math

11. Simultaneous Equations Task Card

You can use flashcards to help students learn simultaneous equations. If you want a more hands-on approach, create physical cards. Line up the students. I have a question about the system of equations. The first person to raise a card with the correct equation or value advances until it crosses the finish line.

More information: Quizlet

12. Equation system pixel art activity

Students solve discussion questions in Google Sheets. Each correct variable reveals a piece of the puzzle, and answering with all correct values ​​forms the whole picture. With your Excel skills, you can enjoy creating Challenge Her puzzles yourself. Don’t forget to hide the table of answers!

Details: Classnotes with Nicole Sensei

13. Simultaneous equation dice game

Students roll a pair of dice. The first die roll represents the first number in the set, the second die represents her second number in the set. Students then select from a set of equations the one associated with this set.

Additional Information: Algebra Dice Game

14. Scavenger Hunt for Systems of Equations

You need to prepare an area for that. Come up with a pair of equations and their solutions. Post questions and answers in separate places. Instruct students to go to the correct location.

More information: Glenna Tabor

15. Activity contest to solve simultaneous equations

Group the students in equal numbers. Tell a story that represents a system of equations. Students create their own equations and try to solve them. A representative writes on the chalkboard or answers the booklet.

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