The ‘Joy’ Of Shopping At GameStop

There’s a certain feeling you get when you walk into your favorite store. A sense of excitement and mystery, as you look earnestly to see what new products await you.  When walking in that store, there’s an emphasis on design that can create a sense of belonging–You instantly know that you and the other customers share a common bond. It’s this reason I end up spending money 95% of the time I visit Wish in Atlanta. It’s also why I visit the Nike Store or the Apple Store in Lenox, knowing good and damn well there’s nothing new in the store from the last visit. Yet I’ll visit those stores every time I’m in the mall. But the opposite is also true. Visit a store that cares more about moving product and you feel a sense of dread…like how I feel when I visit GameStop.

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Polygon’s April Release List

April begins this Saturday which means a new month and new games to play. Polygon has done the hard work of letting us know what games to look out for next month, but really you only need to know about one – Persona  5.  The JRPG that’s moving from a cult following to a mainstream success story. For more information about Persona 5 and the rest of the list of games releasing in April, hit the link below.

Microsoft’s Next Opportunity is Following Apple

You want to know how to get me to buy your video game? Have the platform you sell it on curate it for me. Example, Apple recently decided to highlight indie games in the App Store…and not the free to play games that litter the front page of the featured section, but premium games made by small teams. It’s something many people had asked for and when Apple finally decided to make that move, my wallet followed. In the span of a couple hours I picked up Oxenfree and The Adventures of Pip. Two games that embody the old school feel that I’ve been looking for. I’m a 16-bit kid at heart and no matter how ‘amazing’ AAA releases are, I’ll always want the games I played on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Not to say that I won’t play new games, but when I find myself bored with what’s offered, I always find myself going back to the well of retro style games to rejuvenate me. Apple has found a way to my wallet and surprisingly, Microsoft has the opportunity to do the same.

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