Why I’ll Never Finish DOOM

doom demo
When we discuss or review video games we’ll often talk about the controls, graphics and/or the story. Yet,  for all the technical discussions we hardly discuss a game’s content, unless it’s in the context of violence – where we question whether a game is too violent. What we rarely discuss however, is when you stop playing a game because the content is at odds with your beliefs. Because that’s what happened when I played the DOOM demo.  Read more ›

E3 Press Conference Review 


There’s a moment in everyone’s childhood when they come to grips with the truth about Santa Claus. Whether they find out on their own, or some shithead friend tells them the truth, they ultimately come to a realization that Santa Claus, for all his gift giving glory, Isn’t real. Or is he? There are many parents who can’t bring themselves to crush a child’s innocence. It sticks with a child only for a brief moment. And many of us, wishing we still had some of that innocence, cannot stomach taking it away from our children. So we mask the truth, telling them what they want to hear, even if our children know better–Because we care. And then there are parents who will tell it to them straight, because the world isn’t going to cater to the dream’s of innocence and a child would find out one way or another. This year at E3, depending on your camp (Xbox or PlayStation), you were either told the truth or a half-truth wrapped in a nice white lie. Read more ›

20 Minutes with Manhunt


One of the more interesting aspects of life is when you see someone you had a crush on and the first thought that pops into your head is “what fuck was I thinking?!” You call into question every decision you’ve ever made. But then you also appreciate the growth. Playing older video games is sort of like running into an old crush. Sometimes the game has aged like a fine wine, and returning to it reminds you why you appreciated the game in the first place. Other times, like the one I’m about to discuss here, you wonder why you even thought the game was worth the time in the first place. Read more ›

The Order 1886 Review 

I can vividly remember when I knew my relationship with my fiancé at the time was over. It was probably one of the toughest moments in my life, and for all accounts I failed to save a four year relationship. Yet, from the rubble of that relationship we both grew. Each of us, a little stronger and a little wiser. Of course this story has a happy ending; each of us found love, and if I was to guess, something even better than what we had. Failure happens. It’s a part of life, but a necessary component to achieve greatness. You must fail in order to learn from your mistakes, creating an iterative process that not only improves the person, but the dream they are building. The Order 1886, fails in it’s attempt to create a harmonious experience of video games and cinema. But, from the failure is the potential to create something better than we’ve ever experienced. Read more ›