I Want: Bitmap Books NES Visual Compendium

536 pages of pixel art and product design…look there isn’t much that needs to be said about this book other than I want it. It belongs right next to my other coffee table book about the history of sneakers.  You can pick this up from Bitmap Books for about $47. (a rough estimate based on shipping tax and conversion. Hell just bank on a solid $50 and if it’s cheaper it’s a bonus!)

Bitmap also has visual compendiums for the Commodore 64, Arcade games and the Super Famicom.  It’s worth a buy if you plan on being one of those old dads who wants to show their kids the “good old days” of video games.



Why You Might Want To Wait On The Switch

Two things happen on Friday, Nintendo releases the Switch and of course the most important – my birthday. And while the idea of the switch as a personal gift seems like a great idea, I’m actually going to wait on buying one. And you should too. Here’s a quick list of why you should wait on picking up a Switch day one. Continue reading Why You Might Want To Wait On The Switch