Polygon’s April Release List

April begins this Saturday which means a new month and new games to play. Polygon has done the hard work of letting us know what games to look out for next month, but really you only need to know about one – Persona  5.  The JRPG that’s moving from a cult following to a mainstream success story. For more information about Persona 5 and the rest of the list of games releasing in April, hit the link below.


What The Hell Is Going On With Final Fantasy?

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to finally begin playing Final Fantasy XV. It’s the game that “turns the series around” from the hell that was the XIII franchise and previously fumbled releases. According to the internet, (and who doesn’t listen to the internet), this open world adventure is one that shouldn’t be missed…so I bought into the hype. I watched that god awful Kingsglaive movie and the surprisingly entertaining anime short. I even played the platinum demo. All to prep me for actually playing the game. Continue reading What The Hell Is Going On With Final Fantasy?

When Art Imitates Life – Watch Dogs 2

Hello, my name is Charles and I am a digital Uber driver. It is not a job by choice but more of necessity. I drive the digital citizens of California, more specifically the San Francisco area, around on crazy missions. One time I had to take my stolen car off-road to chase a drone. Another time I spent majority of the day helping a newly relocated East Coast resident explore the city in a bid for cool prizes. I do this because I must, more so because I cannot survive the tidal wave of information that floods my screen. My phone is constantly vibrating, begging me to scan a new song I’ve never heard or to explore a new area for research points. Focus is a commodity and my phone wants it all. Of course If my phone can’t monopolize my time, the city will take the rest- invasions by other people whom I have no idea whether they are here to help or hurt. It is fucking madness. It’s Watch Dogs 2. Continue reading When Art Imitates Life – Watch Dogs 2