Nike SNKRS – Games and Pitfalls

I’ve written about the SNKRS app on more than one occasion. It’s Nike’s platform for selling sneakers in a digital age. And while many of us have issues with the app’s performance and how the company deals with bots, I’ve grown to love the apps secrets.

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News From Around The Web

I’m one of those people who’ll browse Flipboard and the Apple News App looking for good reads.  Below is are a couple of stories that are worth a few minutes of your time.

Harassment on Instagram

So when you think of online bullying and trolls, you often think of Twitter.  It’s the go-to place next to more offbeat places like Reddit other forums.  However, according to this many popular influencers, this is not the case.  Instagram, for all its polish and ‘niceness’, is hell.  This piece goes sheds light on those who are on the receiving end of the abuse.

Diversity in Technology

The story of diversity in technology is an old one.  We all know that we can do better across the board, but what made this interesting is that it takes a look at how education affects those coming up in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga.  We always talk about training the next generation, but apparently, it isn’t as easy we think it is.

How The West Is Fun

Who doesn’t love a good dev story?  Vulture takes a look at the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 and how Rockstar created a masterpiece for this generation.  If you’re into how games are made you’ll want to read this.


Why Does Apple Have So Many “Entry” Laptops?

I remember way back in the day (the early 2000s) when buying an Apple laptop was a much simpler exercise that it is today. Back then you either picked up a MacBook or a MacBook Pro and if you picked up the Pro it meant you actually had something to do other than write papers. This is back when Jobs famously cut down the line products. Fast forward to today and purchasing an Apple laptop seems more confusing than ever. Today I ran through the product lineup and looked at three models and included the new iPad. This is what I found: Read More

Is It Time To Put The Phone Down?

If you’ve ever listened to Biggie’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ or watched a movie about the drug game, you know there are certain rules to which every drug dealer must abide by to achieve success. One of those is ‘never get high on your own supply’; the second being ‘never deal crack where you rest at.’ Even if you’ve never heard the song, or watched a movie about gangsters and drugs there is one thing you know to be true. Drugs are bad. Hell, even drug dealers acknowledge the destructive power of drugs. So when the people who make the social networks begin to repeat the same mantras as street pharmacists, you know you have a problem. Read More