I’m Loving The Surprise Release

Yesterday Netflix followed the surprise release of Cloverfield Paradox during the Super Bowl with another surprise release – Chris Rock’s latest stand-up: Tamborine. And while the personal jury is still out on the actual stand up, what’s more, significant is Netflix doing something that I wish more companies would do – drop products quickly after […]

iMessage – The Reason I Can’t Leave Apple

Yesterday I downloaded Google Calendar because the events I made in the calendar app on my Mac saved to my Google Calendar instead of the iCloud calendar. It was the final piece of the Google puzzle. Currently, I use Google apps for the following tasks: * Email * Navigation * Search * Productivity(Drive and Docs) […]

Why Applying for Jobs Will Still Suck in 2016

We’re days away from 2016 and like most people I’ve begun making a list of goals for the upcoming year. One goal is to find full-time, meaningful work, that takes advantage of my skill set. A skill set that I’ve been carefully tuning over the past few months. But with all the attention towards making […]