Thoughts After Reading Blood,Sweat, And Pixels

If games are art if we truly believe that video games as a medium require the same type of creativity and originality that we would see during the Renaissance Era, then why do we try to run them like a traditional business? It was a question I continued to ask myself while reading Blood, Sweat, […]

Let’s Talk Race and Racism In Games

I can remember the first time I watched Rosewood. It was a visual representation of what I read about in school. About the evil that one race of people can inflict on another. I remember finishing that movie and side-eying White people for about a week. I was young, but the truth was out, and […]

When Art Imitates Life – Watch Dogs 2

Hello, my name is Charles and I am a digital Uber driver. It is not a job by choice but more of necessity. I drive the digital citizens of California, more specifically the San Francisco area, around on crazy missions. One time I had to take my stolen car off-road to chase a drone. Another […]