The Division ‘Review’

  “Well that was pretty easy…want to hit up the Dark Zone?” I asked Kris. Kris and I just successfully rescued two hostages in an abandoned electronics store from The Cleaners – a gang equipped with flamethrowers and heavy weaponry whose sole purpose is to wipe out any of the remaining infected New Yorkers. Growing […]

First Impressions – Transformers Devastation

I want to love Transformers Devastation. I want to scream from the mountain tops that the greatest transformers game ever made is now available for consoles, but I can’t.  I can’t because the game is missing “soul”, that elusive characteristic that makes games great. It’s the hunt for this quality that makes the game such a paradox. How can a game that does so many things right get this one thing so wrong?

Why You Should Watch EVO

Recently ESPN posted a tweet about Evo 2015, the largest fighting tournament in the country. Of course, many people couldn’t understand why ESPN would be covering video games, but to be honest, the fighting community has way more to offer casual fans than one might think. Here are few reasons why mainstream media should cover the Evolution Championship Series(Evo):

The Evolution Championship Series, Evo, as we know it today, began in 2002 as a tournament series that focused on competitive fighting games. What started as a small gathering of competitive gamers has turned into the largest fighting tournament in the gaming community, with players from around the world flying to Las Vegas for the chance to be crowned the best in the world. The tournament is an open format so anyone can compete, but those who make it to the Top 8 have spent thousands of hours practicing and competing in local and regional tournaments to hone their skills. For those who desire to be the best, their game of choice becomes a full-time job. With the continual growth of the tournament and support from various game companies, Evo is quickly becoming the perfect spectator sport for those new to video games.