And Then There Was One…

I’ve always been a multi-console owner. Even back during the Genesis and SNES days, I was one of those blessed souls who were able to have the best of both worlds. But as I look at the Black Friday sale for PSN I have to wonder if owning both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 even makes sense anymore.

There was a time when you needed multiple consoles because certain games were console exclusives, but as I look at the list of games, I want to play there’s nothing that warrants both consoles. If I thought about it, I really could just sell the Xbox One and just ride into the sunset with my PS4 and Nintendo Switch and probably wouldn’t miss a beat. The games that I planned on purchasing for the Xbox One were so that I could have something to play on them.  The same could be said for the PlayStation 4 when I’m gaming primarly on the Xbox One.

This year I’ve streamlined the amount of technology in the house. I only want to have the basics – the things I absolutely “need.“ The consoles are the only things that have dodged the purge. But, it’s getting to the point that has two systems is becoming an annoyance. Instead of them being two platform with unique experiences, they’ve become two black boxes that play the same damn games. I could sell the Xbox and purchase an Apple TV for streaming purposes and leave the PS4 connected to the monitor I have on my desk. Or I could see the PS4 and Xbox One and get a One X and call it a day. Of course, I could always keep both. With Black Friday sales days away I need to think of something quickly because this would be the best time to become one console house.

When Action Separates From Reality

Killing–it’s the vehicle through which our characters progress to a common goal. From Mario to Marcus Fenix, killing is the link that ties games together. Of course wording it in this way distorts the view, it makes Mario come off as a cold calculating death machine. He’s not out here with gun in hand, ruthlessly killing the citizens of the mushroom kingdom…he just jumps on the heads of its more seedier inhabitants. It just so happens that Mario’s enemies turn into a puff of smoke and ‘disappear’. But one thing is true, in order for our character to live, something must give way. And when given room, violence, death and life have their place in gaming. However, you have a problem when you depend on these tropes for no reason other than to have them. Continue reading “When Action Separates From Reality”

Gears of War 4 Campaign Review

In Gears of War 4 you live from guitar riff to guitar riff. Life is lived in between the twitch moments. Under heavy fire and a wall slowly crumbling in front of you…do you have the reflexes to reload, move from cover and eliminate the immediate swarm threat? This game shines in these moments, but it always has. The Gears series can be considered the gold standard of third-person action games. This series ‘invented’ the cover based mechanic you see in many popular games today. Gears is one of the sole games that truly pays attention to the environment. It’s a game that wants you to feel the action. However, it’s the moments in between the action that fail to live up to the expectations set forth by the early action sequences, and quickly become the focal point for this discussion. Continue reading “Gears of War 4 Campaign Review”

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

If you were to look at my Netflix history, you could easily tell–I’m one of those people who loves really good documentaries and conspiracy theories. We love conspiracy theories because they provide us a great story. A ‘what if’ scenario that we can spend hours imagining the ramifications of what the world would be like if that conspiracy was true. With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Square-Enix’s sets out to tell us a story of human rights and conspiracy theories, but never delivers on its promise.

Continue reading “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review”