The Tech Interactive announces holiday activities for STEM learning on Winter Break

From building cookie cutters to designing a device that shoots snowballs with a Yeti, in San Jose Beloved science center.

San Jose, California, December 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Tech Interactive helps families make memories and make cookie cutters during winter break December 23rd – January 8thDowntown Science Center San Jose hosts a series of hands-on holiday activities that help build STEM skills and promote quality family time.

“We love to see our children’s faces light up when they discover something new with us. Katrina Stevens, President and CEO, Tech Interactive. “For over 25 years, we have been his family’s go-to place for his STEM and learning, and we look forward to another fun season of innovating together.”

holiday activities

Yeti Snowball Fling

Invent a device that shoots snowballs with the Yeti! Mix and match mechanical designs to change the movement and path of your snowballs and pounce on your icy abominations!

Sponsored by Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

DIY cookie cutter

Why don’t you make your own sweets? Design and make your own custom cookie cutters with this fun activity in time for winter baking. Use new tools and creativity to create your own shapes and designs. Take it home and bake lots of sweets. Yummy DIY!

seasonal spinning

Let the wonders and joys of the seasons inspire you! Create your own optical illusion with winter-themed thaumatropes.

Get crafty with BioTinkering

It’s a winter wonderland we create in our BioTinkering Lab. Create gooey tinsel with your own colorful algae strings, or use pigments from vegetables to create greeting cards and sustainable masterpieces. Seasonal (eco-conscious) greetings!

Tech Interactive also has 10 exhibitions that explore topics such as sustainability, biology, cybersecurity and robotics in fun and engaging ways.

About The Tech Interactive

Tech Interactive is a family-friendly science and technology center in the heart of downtown. San JoseOur experiences of hands-on activities, laboratories and design challenges empower people to innovate with creativity, curiosity and compassion. A global leader, developing the next generation of problem solvers locally, nationally and globally. We believe everyone is born an innovator who can change the world for the better.

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