These Wellness Activities Will Get You on the Good Foot Over the Holiday

With travel resuming for the renminbi holiday, it looks like Beijing is back in the days when it was empty for the holidays. A little silence is the best way to experiment with meditation and mindfulness.

Here are some mindfulness and yoga activities you’ve tried before, want to try, or have as your New Year’s resolution – there’s no excuse not to do it now – you can join in next week. Or even after the holidays.

Breathe and flow at your spring urban yoga retreat

Over the coming five days of consecutive holidays, the folks at Yoga Spirit Beijing will host a special urban yoga retreat suitable for both experts and beginners. The five-day retreat includes daily breathing exercises, meditation and yoga sessions, followed by yoga herbal teas and community time.

Yoga Spirit Beijing’s Flow Into Spring Urban Yoga Retreat will take place from Sunday, January 22nd to Thursday, January 26th from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. All sessions cost RMB 218 for new customers and RMB 258 for returning customers. Please read the QR code on the poster and register.

CNY Week Activity at Taozi Tree Yoga

Taoji Tree Yoga will hold regular daily yoga and meditation classes during the holidays. The studio has two classes each day, a 75 minute class starting at 9:30am and a 60 minute lunchtime flow class starting at 11:15am.

Check the schedule above for details and times. Scan his QR code on the poster to register or visit this his WeChat link for more information.

Sound Healing & Taste of Yoga by Abisha Space

Avisha Space, a yoga and mindfulness studio, offers two exclusive and in-depth workshops during your vacation. The first focuses on sound healing, defined as the practice of using sound and frequencies for relaxation, healing, and personal development.

The second workshop delves deeper into yoga, from its history and practice areas to foundations and daily practice sessions.

Abisha Space Sound Healing Workshops will be held January 26-27, 9am-12:30pm and 2pm-5:30pm. Sound Healing Workshop is RMB 3,900 per person and Yoga Workshop is RMB 4,900 per person. Scan the QR code on one of the posters to register.

Activities of the Well-Being Lab

Well-Being Lab, a new initiative by Beijing-based life coach and mindfulness expert Juan Carlos DurĂ¡n, will host a number of online meditation and coaching sessions after the holidays, on February 28. It culminates in the initiation of Habit Challenges. It can happen after CNY. This is the perfect time to review and dig deeper into your habits, develop good habits and get rid of bad ones.

For more information on registering for Well-Being Lab membership, please scan the QR code on the poster.

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Image: Unsplash, provided by the organizer

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