This GNOME Extension Makes the ‘Activities’ Label More Useful

If you’re using Ubuntu, you’re using GNOME Shell, and if you’re using GNOME Shell, perhaps I frowned at the “Activities” label in the upper left corner.

That is very …there is.

Of course, this is not in vain. Click on the ‘Activities’ label to enter the ‘Activities’ overview, or ‘Workspace Switcher’ as I like to call it.

But most of us (empirically speaking, I did the research and you did too) tend to tap into the workspace switcher/activity overview. super key.

Anyway, the new GNOME extension is called Replace activity labels that — Unfold Fake Shocked Face Now — replace the “Activity” label with something a bit more useful.

Emphasis on small minds:

Instead of a static “Activity” label, this extension puts three little dots in the corner. Not only are they unobtrusive (and clickable), but watch what happens when you launch your application.

Note the upper left corner

Animate the dot as a loading indicator. teeth Occurs after clicking the shortcut, but waiting for the app window to actually appear.

In my opinion, it’s a very simple idea to make better use of that corner.

This extension also disables the apps menu from the top bar, but this is optional. If you are one of those people who find those menus useful, you can keep them. Environmental setting The extension’s panel also has an option to load an alternate animation to use, but you don’t have to try it.

It’s worth noting that the developer of this addon is the same developer as the awesome developer. tiling assistant extension, and focus indicator Recently tested by GNOME developers, it is an extension that helps inform the design approach for GNOME 44 and beyond.

you can get Replace activity labels GNOME extensions using a web browser or (recommended) Matt Jakeman’s epics Extension manager app.

Note: After installing the extension, you may not see the loading animation. To resolve this, log out and log back in.

Thanks Scotty Tree – thanks for the tip!

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