Top 10 cryptocurrencies by GitHub development activity as of January 2023

The cryptocurrency industry is still picking up pieces from the devastation caused by the FTX crash of 2022, but as 2023 begins, blockchain development teams across major networks will be building and expanding entire ecosystems. I’m here.

As of January 3, 2023, metaverse game Decentraland (MANA) leads the total number of GitHub development activities with 701, followed by Polkadot (DOT)/Kusama (KSM) with 339. data Recovered by Finbold Proof GitHub.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by daily GitHub development activity. Source: Proof GitHub

The remaining three cryptocurrencies that make up the top five were 248 Status, 211 Ethereum (ETH), and 207 Risk (LSK). Meanwhile, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Cosmos (ATOM), and Osmosis (OSMO) rounded out the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Cardano tracks daily development on GitHub

Cardano was the most developed crypto on GitHub in 2021. ADA founder Charles Hoskinson said in early 2022, “There’s a reason we’re number one on his GitHub commits.”

“It’s not just someone sitting in a warehouse somewhere clicking random buttons. It’s because there are so many people, so many things, so much effort going on. is.”

It is worth noting that Cardano ranked first in terms of amount of development activity in the cryptocurrency protocol space in 2022, followed by Polkadot, Decentraland and Cosmos. Nonetheless, as December drew to a close, Polkadot in particular was leading GitHub’s day-to-day development activity over its blockchain competitors.

The latest development activity from Decentraland will follow soon after. Sentry report On December 30th, the supply of MANA on cryptocurrency exchanges dropped significantly, which could bode well for price action this year.

“Quant, Decentraland, and Enjin are among the largest market capitalization assets with massive amounts of coins leaving exchanges in 2022. While their respective prices have fallen significantly similar to other cryptocurrencies, These are good signs for 2023 to be even better.”

The Decentraland Fund is moving away from exchanges.Source: Santimento

However, Decentraland did not make it onto Finbold’s list of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy in January 2023. It remains to be seen whether the latest supply from exchanges combined with protocol development activity will change the path it takes over. Moon.

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