Trade union bill forbids activities that upend public order

Local governments have drafted the long-awaited trade union bill. The bill aims to give employees a voice in negotiations with employers through organized workers’ organizations.

However, as the bill introduced today by the Executive Council suggests, trade unions “endanger public order and health” or rebels that could affect “public and emergency services”. should not engage in sexually explicit conduct.

But officials argued that under the city’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, local citizens are allowed to hold protests and rallies.

“This is a new idea in Macau. The public needs to have some understanding of what a trade union is before moving forward progressively,” said a government representative. “Under existing laws governing employment relationships, employers should not stop employees from exercising their right to protest.”

Trade unions will seek to address and resolve conflicts between union members and their employers, and to address and resolve conflicts between union members and their employers on working conditions and occupational health hazards under a bill that has been submitted to the City Council and will soon have its first reading. It may help you express your opinion.

The bill’s passage into law came after public hearings held last October.

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