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Belmar — A major topic of discussion at the January 5 Belmar School Board meeting was that Manasquan High School students who live in Belmar but stay late for after-school activities, such as sports practice, will receive free It was the committee’s plan to provide transportation home in

Superintendent Jimmy Alvarez develops cooperation between Belmar and Manasquan School Districts in the purchase and use of tickets for the NJ Transit Rail System, which provides students with free transportation from Manasquan to Belmar for after-school activities and sports. Did.

Alvarez explains why this collaboration is being implemented: In the current state of the school transportation industry, it is very difficult to secure regular after-school bus routes. This new pilot program will provide students and families with a viable and reliable means of transportation when they cannot return home in any other way. We hope more students will stay for sports, clubs, activities and special needs. “

He said the train tickets would help most of all Belmar and Lake Como students who need “alternative transportation to get home.” It adds that it’s available every day as long as you’re legally active in. He also explained to the board that unused tickets can be reused.

The collaboration will see the Belmar District purchase tickets from school transportation fees and Manasquan High School to distribute tickets to students staying after school for extracurricular activities and sports. An initial purchase of 400 tickets was made at his $2.25 apiece for $900 and both schools are excited to start using these tickets.

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