Two teens accused of gang activity in Springfield, Mo.

GREENE COUNTY, Missouri – The Greene County Sheriff’s Office released information Friday, December 30, in response to public concerns over gang activity and frequent shootings in Springfield.

According to a Greene County Sheriff’s Office press release, the sheriff’s office conducted interviews, gathered information on local gangs, made arrests, and identified stolen firearms and firearms used in the Springfield-area shootings. Efforts have been made to seize it.

The Green County Sheriff’s Office said it met in September with representatives from the Green County Attorney’s Office, the Green County Juvenile Office, the Springfield Police Department, the Springfield School Police Department, the Missouri Highway Patrol, the ATF, and the FBI. increase. Coordinating plans to target local gang activity, with a focus on “local gang members suspected of committing violent crimes.”

Additionally, two men were arrested this week on allegations of federal firearms law violations. According to his release, 19-year-old Jadelle Williams and her 19-year-old Ezekiel King have been implicated in multiple Springfield shootings.

Both men are being held in Greene County Jail, awaiting formal charges to be filed.

The sheriff’s office said special efforts in the past few months have led to “many new investigations into local gang members.”

β€œIt is the responsibility of law enforcement to provide safe communities for the citizens we pledge to protect. Weekly news of shootings and murders has become the norm, and citizens no longer feel safe. With just a little bit of focused effort, gang violence is already declining, and this is just the beginning.The Greene County Sheriff’s Office says that until violent gang members are removed from their communities, these continue to target members of the

-Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott

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