Back In The Crucible

Doctrine of Passing…it’s the only reason I decided to get back into Destiny.  It happened to drop from a Trials objective that I never turned in.  So after shaking off a little Crucible rust, I was back to holding my own in PvP. Here are some highlights from a couple matches.

Shotgun Work In The Crucible

It’s been a while since I’ve played Destiny, so over the weekend I decided to hop back in the Crucible to see if I still got it. The answer is yes…yes I do. I’m not usually a shotgun fan, but I was able to catch to some great highlights with the shotty for your enjoyment.

Crucible Quarterbackin’

I’ve yet to find another set up that is better for running the spark than a hunter the blade dancer subclass and blink jump.  Here’s a couple of successful spark runs in the crucible.

Weekend Highlights From The Crucible Vol. 2

It was a rainy weekend in ATL, so I spent most of my time patrolling planets, completing quests, and dominating in the crucible. Well, domination might be a bit strong but I did win two Rumble matches (back to back) and successfully ran the spark 4 times in a rift match, so I guess you can say I was competitive. Joining me in the crucible was my LB (line brother) DeezNates86.  The highlights in the video above are from the first of two rumble matches and my Rift run.  I still believe the best runner build for rift is a blade dancer with blink jump.