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Doctors emphasize that regular physical activity is essential to control mood swings and stress in children.

Release: Sunday, January 22, 2023 15:15

UAE doctors say UAE children need to start regular physical activity and exercise after the age of 3 to grow physically and mentally. Most of them are not reaching her minimum daily goals for exercise and physical activity, they add.

UAE doctors emphasize that regular outdoor/indoor physical activity and exercise is essential to control mood swings and stress in children and improve academic performance.

According to the Gulf Health Council, children aged 3-4 should get 3 hours of physical activity each day, and children aged 5-14 should do at least 1 hour of moderate-to-vigorous activity, such as horseback riding. is needed. Cycling, soccer, running, jogging, swimming.

A survey conducted in 2019 found that nearly 84% of children in the UAE did not reach the minimum required daily exercise and physical activity goals.

However, in the United Arab Emirates, physical education programs run throughout school life and encourage children to participate in sports teams. A child is required to attend her physical education class at least once a week, which promotes a healthy lifestyle for most adolescents. Continuing to do the same outside of school and encouraging physical activity and exercise regimes at home has many positive outcomes, including better school performance and better physical and mental health. I guess.

Osama Elsayed Rezuk Elasi, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Consultant and Head of the Center for Pediatrics and Neonatology at Sambay University Hospital, recommends starting regular physical activity from the age of three to aid growth and development. is recommended for children. both mentally and physically.

“Children need to get into the discipline of physical activity and develop a routine of about 4-5 times a week for about an hour. Throw the ball and play spontaneously, it also helps develop motor skills and mental growth, also tri-cycling, jumping, climbing, running, swimming, balancing on one leg – all these games Kids have fun and are actively participating.Children aged 6 and up can be enrolled in martial arts, dance to express themselves creatively, or enroll in a soccer school team. It is fun for most children because it helps them to

health risk

Dr. Hesham Farouk Gomaa, a pediatrician at Aster Clinic, Arabian Ranch, Al Barsha, says regular participation in physical activity can help reduce the health risks of childhood obesity and related chronic diseases.

“Increased participation in physical activity affects cognitive function in children, including executive function such as working memory, cognitive flexibility, and brain health,” he said.

Hesham added that most children in the United Arab Emirates do not even have a minimum level of physical activity.

“One of the reasons for the low activity levels is the hot weather in the UAE. It’s the opposite of being.”

Dr Osama of Thumbay University Hospital added that children in the UAE typically do not exercise, except for those who have easy access to their homes or outdoor pools.

“Children who lack physical activity in their daily lives are usually more susceptible to long-term effects such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems as they grow up.

“One of the many benefits of regular exercise and physical activity is that it provides an outlet for stress, especially during adolescence. It can lead to a decline in overall quality of physical, mental and emotional health.

Age-appropriate activities for your child:

(Credit: Dr Hesham Farouk Gomaa, Specialist Pediatrics, Aster Clinic)

3-5 years old: Preschoolers can play team sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming and T-ball as long as the expectations are realistic. Sports at this age should be play, not competition.

6 to 8 years old: By the age of 6, children are well developed to hit a baseball pitch and pass a soccer ball or basketball. You can also perform gymnastics routines, and pedal and steer two-wheeled bicycles.

9 to 11 years old: A child can usually hit and throw a baseball accurately and can make solid contact with a golf or tennis ball. If your child is interested in participating in events such as shorts, triathlons or long distance runs, these are safe as long as he trains for the event and maintains healthy hydration.

12-14 years old: Children may lose interest in the structured environment of organized sports when they reach puberty. However, unless your child is entering puberty, discourage heavy lifting. Encourage healthy options such as elastic tubes and bands, and bodyweight exercises such as squats and push-ups please.

15+: When teens hit puberty and are ready to lift weights, encourage them to take a weight training class or a few sessions with a professional. There is no reason to say no, but many races have minimum age requirements.

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